Hamas terrorists
Hamas terroristsFlash 90

Hamas continues to broadcast messages of unwavering devotion to jihad, and has vowed to release "all of Palestine from the sea to the river" as well as committing genocide against every Jewish person in Israel. 

On Monday, Palestine, the official daily newspaper of Hamas circulated in Gaza and certain parts of the Palestinian Authority, published a genocide-themed cartoon threatening new immigrants to Israel. 

The cartoon, captioned "Israel is preparing to accept waves of Jewish immigration from France and Ukraine," features a number of anti-Semitic stereotypes. In it, hooked-nosed and bearded Jews march toward Israel, with their wives and children in tow; Israel is portrayed as a grave.

The epitaph reads: "the invaders' graves." 

Marching to genocide.
Marching to genocide.Palestine magazine

The cartoon intends to scare away new immigrants, as well as threaten all Jews living in Israel with genocide.

Hamas has been stepping up its threats of genocide over the past several weeks.

Hamas recently "celebrated" Israel's 66th Independence Day with a genocide-themed video.The song in the video was to the tune of the Israeli national anthem, Hatikvah, which means “the hope” in Hebrew.

The Arabic words of the song twisted that message, warning that it is “the end of the hope” for Israel, that Israel was doomed, and that Jerusalem will be renamed and known by its Arabic name, “Al-Quds". It also threatens to deport Israelis - or, worse, kill them. 

Several days later, a Hamas children's show encouraged children to "shoot all the Jews."