Halafta (file)
Halafta (file)Flash90

Rabbi Shmuel Rabinowitz, Rabbi of the Western Wall and other holy sites, condemned the desecration of the grave of the Tannaic Rabbi Halafta on Wednesday - and the silence of other religious leaders after the vandalism. 

The Halafta graves, near Carmiel, feature distinctive domes to mark the burial places of Tannaic scholars. But on Tuesday, those graves were found desecrated in an anti-Semitic version of "price tag" vandalism. 

According to the Rabbi, the violation of holy places and becoming part of the political controversy is very dangerous, and everyone - literally - is obligated to condemn the phenomenon - even non-Jewish leaders. 

"When there is damage to the holy places of other religions, Jewish spiritual leaders denounce the attacks," Rabbi Rabinowitz noted. "But we have unfortunately not heard the condemnation and protest from our Muslim counterparts against this heinous act." 

Rabbi Rabinowitz added that he hoped that hate graffiti would disappear, especially at holy sites.