As a service to its readers, Arutz Sheva provides a special version of the video made by Hamas for Israel's 66th Independence Day, with English subtitles added by us. The genocidal video was made only with Arabic and Hebrew subtitles – quite possibly because its makers seek to project a more civilized image abroad, than they do toward Israelis.

Interestingly, the video admits that the Jewish presence in the Land of Israel far predates the Muslim one: it refers to Jews “who were here once” and asks “what is left of them?” even as it shows depictions of the Jewish Temple in Jerusalem and its ransacking by Romans.

It also calls for Jerusalem to be renamed “Bayt al-Makdas,” Arabic for “The Temple.” The Arabic/Muslim names for the city, Al Quds (the Holy) and Bayt al-Makdas (the Temple) both refer to the Jewish Temple.

In the scene showing Hamas' fantasy of expelling the Jews from their land, the sign next to the walkway leading to the ship says “deportation to Russia.”

The Palestinian Authority, headed by Fatah, has signed a unity agreement with Hamas.