Economics Minister and Jewish Home (Bayit Yehudi) Chairman Naftali Bennett released a special video address in honor of Israel's Independence Day on Monday, noting Israel's synthesis between ancient heritage and modern miracle. 

"Today we are celebrating Israel's sixty-sixth birthday," he stated, in a video posted on Facebook. "This is a young country, but our people is a very ancient one. We've been around for 3,800 years - you and I, our forefathers."

Bennett illustrated this with a vivid - if unconventional - example. 

"If we were put in a time machine and thrown, say, 3,000 years backward, [then] - right over here, in Jerusalem, in the capital of Israel, I would be able to speak to my own forefathers, or even King David, and be able to speak to them in the same language - Hebrew - and believe in the same G-d." 

"We are the only nation in the world this applies to," Bennett noted. "This is amazing."  

The Minister also addressed Israel's modern-day achievements. 

"And [yet] Israel is a true modern miracle," he continued. "I want to invite all of you here to see the wonderful technological miracles we are creating here day in, day out."

Since Israel's re-establishment, those achievements are for the betterment of the world, he said. 

"We, all together, have a big mission," Bennett stated. "The mission is tikkun olam, fixing the world, improving the world, making it a better place."

"So today, I wish all of you: Happy Independence Day!," he concluded.