Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu released an official address for Israel's 66th Independence Day on Monday night. 

"Israel Independence Day is a time for great celebration, and for justified reason," Netanyahu stated. "We take great pride in Israel's many amazing successes." 

Netanyahu then enumerated many of Israel's achievements over the past 66 years. 

"For some 2,000 years, the Jewish people have remained stateless, powerless, and defenseless," he continued. "After two millennia, we have returned to our historical homeland, ingathered the exiles. We have established our independence and our sovereignty." 

"Yet, we didn't only create a State - we have brought into this homeland a people that has been scattered around the globe. We have defended ourselves against the attacks of hostile neighbors, overcoming threats faced by no other country."

"We have built a vibrant democracy, in which freedom is sacrosanct. We have declared equality under the law and guaranteed rights for every one of our citizens - Jew and non-Jew alike."

"We have created a robust economy, a global technological superpower. We've signed peace treaties with two of our Arab neighbors - while we quietly talk with many more."

Netanyahu concluded by thanking Israel's supporters - especially those abroad. 

"We've enjoyed the passionate support of so many friends around the world - Jews and non-Jews alike," Netanyahu continued, thanking "all of you, who have united to speak out for Israel's right to live in a secure and peaceful state."

"This support from friends like you warms our hearts, and along with Israel's vibrant democracy, our dynamic free economy, our strong army, our commitment to our shared values - all of this forms the foundation of our national strength."

"So on Israel's Independence Day, I want to thank Israel's many friends around the world for your steadfast support of the one and only Jewish state," he concluded.