NYPD Russian-speaking Jews
NYPD Russian-speaking JewsShimon Briman

A delegation of Russian-speaking Jewish policemen from the New York Police Department (NYPD) has arrived in Israel on a special visit, in order to express its identification with and support for Israel, in its war on terrorism.

The delegation of 18 police men and women, who are members of the Russian American Officers Association (RAOA), will participate in the official ceremony in Latrun on Memorial Day. The police officers will lay a wreath to express identification with Israel's struggle.

On Sunday, the police delegation visited the Ammunition Hill museum in Jerusalem and learned about the Holy City's liberation in the Six Day War. They have also visited Sderot, the southern city that has been battered by Hamas missiles since 2001, conducted tours of other historical sites, and learned about the work methods of the Israel Police.

Their visit was organized by the World Forum of Russian-Speaking Jews and the World Zionist Federation. “Projects like this are an investment in the future of Israel and of the Russian-speaking Jews in the diaspora,” said World Forum of Russian-Speaking Jews President, Alexander Levin. “The current project helps bolster the American police force's support for the successful war Israel has waged against terror – a phenomenon that New York's police are unfortunately very familiar with.”