Molotov cocktail (illustration)
Molotov cocktail (illustration)Reuters

A molotov cocktail was hurled at an Israeli car on Friday afternoon, right before the start of Shabbat, just outside of Yitzhar, the Samaria community that has recently witnessed clashes between residents and the IDF.

The molotov cocktail exploded on the car, setting it on fire but fortunately not leaving any major damage.

The owners of the car told Arutz Sheva that soldiers who were sent to the scene uncovered a cache of several prepared molotov cocktails in the area, ready to be launched against Israeli vehicles.

A circular pattern of clashes between IDF soldiers and Yitzhar residents escalated two weeks ago, after a house was destroyedthe week before, sparking tire-slashings on two IDF cars.

In response four local homes were demolished by the IDF, setting off confrontations between a violent element of the residents and IDF soldiers, and ending in the destruction of an IDF outpost.

The IDF decided to seize Yitzhar's Od Yosef Chai Yeshiva that Friday, in a move that was criticized by former MK Dr. Michael Ben-Ari, who slammed the government for having "reverse muscular dystrophy."

While muscular dystrophy tends to attack "more crude organs first," leaving the thinking, the government has a reverse form of the severe disease, according to Ben-Ari.

"The thinking has been offline for a long time already, only the hands and legs work without any thought, hands of roughness and destruction," criticized Ben-Ari, who said the government has "legs that don't know where to go, hands that don't know who to hit, everything is mixed up."