The Syrian Army reportedly killed a number of foreign nationals fighting in Syria earlier this month, in a special operation conducted in the southern rural area of Idlib.

The operation, which was first reported in the blog Alternative Angle, saw six foreign nationals killed in the villages of Kafr S'jina and Al-Hamdiya. 

Killed in action, according to the official announcement, were Mahmoud Ahmed Abdu, a Canadian citizen; Ali Ibrahim, a Turkish national; Juma Ali Hbeis, a citizen of Chad; as well as three Afghan nationals, Taysir Muhammad al-Hamed, Mahmoud Yahya Al-Namal, and Ahmad Nimer Al-Shaweesh.

Over 75,000 foreign nationals are estimated to be fighting in the Islamic holy war in Syria, and western security services are concerned about what this means for their own countries' future security. 

The news surfaces just months after eyewitness accounts confirmed that Islamist groups are training Western nationals in Syria to bring fundamentalist Islam - and terrorism - back home with them. 

The report also raised eyebrows by revealing the involvement of yet another Canadian citizen in the Syrian Civil War. 

Canadian security officials are increasingly more concerned about the departure of young Canadians to fight the Islamic holy war in Syria, just days after a viral video threatening the West featured a Canadian citizen burning his passport on camera. 

Security sources say tens of Canadians are fighting in Syria, and that hundreds may have left to join Jihadist groups across the globe.  

As of Friday, five Canadians have now been killed in the war-torn country over the past three years.