Limmud FSU conference for Russian Jews (file)
Limmud FSU conference for Russian Jews (file)Yossi Aloni

Over 1,000 Jews are expected to gather in Moscow between April 24 and 27 for the "Limmud FSU Moscow" conference, one of the largest gatherings of Jews in the former Soviet Union (FSU).

The conference is organized by local volunteers and held by Limmud FSU, a nonprofit founded eight years ago to serve Russian-speaking Jews worldwide. It will include over 180 sessions on Jewish learning in lectures, workshops, music, and various cultural events.

Limmud FSU holds programs in Russia, Belarus, Moldova, Ukraine, USA, Canada and Israel; however, the group's founder, Chaim Chesler, states the Moscow event is the program's flagship event.

“Our dream was to present to the new generation of young Russian-speaking Jews throughout the world, topics which are close to their hearts and excite their imagination," remarked Chesler.

These topics include "Jewish history and culture, Jewish roots and issues of identity, the Holocaust, and subjects relating to achieving success in life both in economic and cultural terms," he expounded. "Evidently the dream has become a reality and promises that the coming event will be yet another memorable occasion.”

The Moscow conference will include topics ranging from Judaism and tradition to yoga and arts.

Prof. Zeev Khanin, the chief scientist of the Ministry of Aliyah and Immigrant Absorption, will speak at the event on his new research on contemporary FSU Jewish youth.

The conference will also feature the Israeli Ambassador to Russia, Dorit Golender, and the popular Israeli singer Yonatan Razel, as well as many other notables.