Scene of terror attack near Hevron
Scene of terror attack near HevronFlash 90

A meeting between Israeli and Palestinian Authority negotiators scheduled for Wednesday has been postponed, an official said, after the fatal shooting of an Israeli father near Hevron.

"The meeting that was planned for tonight between Israeli and Palestinian negotiating teams will not be taking place. It's being postponed," the Israeli official told AFP on condition of anonymity.    

The official declined to explain the decision, but said Monday's killing of an Israeli police officer in the West Bank "was the direct result of ongoing incitement and glorification of terrorism that we see in the official Palestinian media and education system."    

On Monday evening 47-year-old Baruch Mizrahi, a high-ranking officer in the intelligence division, was shot dead while driving with his family southwest of Idhna, a village outside Hebron. His pregnant wife was injured in the attack.

Israel's army and police were still hunting for the suspected gunman on Wednesday, after carrying out extensive searches around Idhna.    

Prime Minister Netanyahu condemned the murder as "the result of the incitement to hatred by Palestinian Authority leaders who continue to peddle hate-filled material against Israel."    

PA officials told AFP the meeting was being postponed to Thursday to allow for the arrival of US mediator Martin Indyk to the region.    

Israeli and PA negotiators met on Sunday, and held a trilateral meeting with Indyk on Thursday in a bid to try and save a stagnant peace process from crumbling.  

The talks imploded last month when the PA breached the terms of negotiations by seeking membership to international agencies.