Six13S covers Let it Go
Six13S covers Let it GoScreenshot
Your kids will be chanting a new Passover song at this year’s seder. Thanks Six13, a six man Jewish A cappella group based in New York, your kids might be telling the Pesach story to the tune of Idina Menzel’s Oscar-winning song, Let it Go.

Six13 released their annual Pesach video last week, which they've entitles “Chozen,” a thematic play on the grossly successful Disney movie “Frozen.”

The group rewrote the lyrics to two songs from the film, Let it Go and Do You Wanna Build a Snowman, to tell the story of Pesach. They wittily exchange the original lyrics “let it go” for Moses telling Pharaoh “let ‘em go,” and “the cold never bothered me anyway” for “we won’t let the water stand in our way.”

See for yourself:

In under a week, the group’s song has been featured on sites likeThe Huffington Post, Elite Daily,and Time Magazine. The song's popularity skyrocketed to over 185,000 hits and favorable reviews—even from the song’s composer himself.

Move over Chad Gadya, you’ve got some competition.