Jew holding Israeli flag in land of Israel
Jew holding Israeli flag in land of IsraelFlash 90

Israel already began taking steps against the Palestinian Authority (PA) on Friday, after Ramallah applied to fifteen international organizations for legitimacy and torpedoed peace talks. 

But at least one group proposes that the government take a step beyond sanctions, by using the opportunity to reclaim full sovereignty over Judea and Samaria. 

To that end, Women in Green (WIG) sent a strongly worded letter to Knesset MKs Friday, proposing that Israel move away from the 1993 Oslo Accords and the notion of a Palestinian state. 

"We are sending this appeal to you at one of the rarest moments of opportunity that history has ever presented to Israeli policy makers," the letter reads. "We, members of the Women in Green movement, along with people both from Israel and the world at large who love the Land of Israel, appeal to you now, before this discussion takes place, with the belief that the collapse of the negotiations with the Palestinian Authority presents to the entire Jewish people and to you as statesmen of vision and faith, a rare moment in which Israel can retake control of the process and steer our policy away from the dangerous scenario leading us all to the precipice of terror that a Palestinian state in the heart of the Land of Israel would represent."

"The Palestinians’ appeal to the UN is another flagrant violation of the wretched Oslo Accords and many other agreements on which they have signed and to which they have committed in the past," it continues. "This violation allows Israel formally to free herself from previous unfavorable agreements that have been forced upon her in dubious and subversive ways by irresponsible politicians."

Tell the world: the PA cannot be trusted

WIG also urged the Knesset to alert the international community to the severity of the PA's 'breach of contract,' so to speak, in the negotiating process, by revealing 'the deception that lies behind Palestinian policy.' 

"With a suitable Israel advocacy effort, we can prove to the world the futility of continuing a discussion with a Palestinian partner who deceitfully speaks of peace but sows terror," the letter states.

"Now is the time to present to the world the ethical, Zionist, realistic alternative to the two-state delusion – the vision of Israeli sovereignty over Judea and Samaria. This vision is backed up by Jewish history, justice and international law, as was proven by the report issued by Judge Edmund Levy."

"This is the time to present a clear vision, and even if it is complex and presents various challenges, these challenges would be nothing compared to those that would be presented by the establishment of a terror state in the cradle of the Jewish People," it continues. "When the leaders of Israel can present this clear vision, the vision of clinging to the land and applying sovereignty in it, they will find that the people support them with determination and faith in the justice of our cause, and when the people unite around such a vision, victory will surely follow."

Sovereignty now

The letter concludes by urging Israel to establish unilateral sovereignty over the Jewish homeland. 

"The necessity of presenting sovereignty as a political vision is independent of the Palestinians’ deceptive course and mirages," it says. "The leaders of Israel must take initiative and lead the way."

Women in Green launched a renewed campaign for sovereignty earlier this year, after rumors began circling that a framework agreement in peace talks would include land swaps for a Palestinian state. 

The letter echoes calls by several MKs over the past week for Israel to respond strongly to the PA's violation of the terms of talks, specifically by breaking the Oslo Accords and refusing to release more terrorists.