Hezbollah military parade
Hezbollah military paradeReuters

Students at Tel Aviv University are hoping to prevent the appearance of a convicted terrorist at an event organized by Arab students next week. According to Lev Solodkin, head of "The Israelis", a Zionist activist group on campus, Arab groups have invited Mohammed Cana'ana, who was convicted of planning a terror attack against Israelis, for which he spent several years in prison.

The Arab groups are organizing a “Land Day” event to protest against the establishment of Jewish towns and villages within the 1949 armistice lines that they claim as theirs. Cana'ana is the featured speaker at the event next Monday.

According to Solodkin, Cana'ana and his brother Majad were arrested in 2004 on charges of working with Hezbollah terrorists to carry out terror attacks in Israel. The two received payments and training on how to construct and detonate explosives, and helped transport weapons, including missiles, to terror groups in Jenin.

In a letter written together with other Zionist campus groups, including right and left groups, Solodkin asked university officials to prevent Cana'ana from appearing on campus. “We wish to remind you that there are many students on campus who have themselves, or who have loved ones, who were hurt or killed in terror attacks such as the ones Cana'ana helped organize. Many of us still serve in the IDF reserves to protect Israelis from terrorists – and we are chagrined to discover that one of them will be given a hero's welcome right here at our university.

“We demand that the administration take whatever steps are necessary to prevent the entry of Cana'ana on campus, and to immediately suspend the activities on campus of “Bnei Hakfar” (Children of the Village), and Hadash (the Israeli Communist Party) which are sponsoring the event,” the letter said.

At a time when the issue of releasing terrorists is such a major issue, said Solodkin, “it is strange that a Zionist university in the center of the country is inviting a convicted terrorist to speak. I am glad that all Zionist groups on campus, and not only those on the right, are in agreement on this.”