TehranAFP photo

As the West talks with Iran about a permanent deal regarding its nuclear program, an Iranian official recently chose to mock some Western officials.

Hassan Rahimpour Azghadi, a member of the Iranian Supreme Council for Cultural Revolution, called the European Union’s Foreign Policy chief Catherine Ashton "that old lady" and made derogatory comments about her looks, and also targeted UN chief Ban Ki-moon, who he described as a puppet.

Azghadi spoke at a local university after Ashton’s meeting with human rights activists at the Austrian embassy in Tehran. The speech was broadcast on Iranian Channel 1 and translated by the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI).

“What’s the name of the lady from that [EU] thing? Ashton... Sister Ashton... The hijab she is wearing doesn’t look good. It used to look better,” he said.

“In the past, what’s-his-name would mend her hijab. She used to pull it forward, but the last time I saw her, she had pulled it back, and her clothes didn’t look so great. I don’t look at her as a sister anymore. I look at her as a mother,” added Azghadi.

He continued, “UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon is a puppet. You know that, right? They inflate him in the morning, and remove the air in the evening. The Americans provide him with texts, and tell him what to say today and what to say tomorrow. Then he reads the texts out loud to them, to make sure he gets it right.”

“Look, this is what the [Westerners] are like. If we give them an inch, tomorrow they will demand that we suspect our entire nuclear program, the next day, they will tell us how to practice our religion, and the day after that, they will tell us to respect the rights of homosexuals,” warned Azghadi.

“Obama said to the president of Angola in Africa: ‘You must declare that you legally accept homosexuals, or else we will impose sanctions upon you.’ That’s what they are like. They stop at nothing.

“That’s what they are like. They are a bunch of animals. The Koran instructs us to preserve our honor and not to let them control us. That old lady [Ashton] came to Iran... I really don’t know when she’ll die... She went to meet in secret with that group of people. I noticed that nobody in the government has taken responsibility for this meeting. Have you noticed this too?” said Azghadi.

It is not uncommon for Iranians to mock or even threaten the West and/or Israel.

Recently, a host on an Iranian television program mocked President Barack Obama, after the latter declared that he would come down “like a ton of bricks” on firms that violate the sanctions that have been placed on Iran.

The Iranian host subsequently suggested that the American president take “one brick and knock it against his head.”

Iran’s Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Ali, Khamenei recently threatened the United States, suggesting that the Americans “exercise self-restraint,” after Secretary of State John Kerry said the military option was still on the table if Iran fails to live up to its part of the agreement that was signed with it in Geneva.

All this is happening while Iranian President Hassan Rouhani has waged a “smile attack” against the West, claiming he is a moderate and is different from his predecessor, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.