Site of rocket attack
Site of rocket attackFlash 90

MK Shuli Muallem (Jewish Home) on Wednesday called on Israel to shut down the electricity in Gaza in response to the escalation in rocket attacks.

Muallem said that the “imaginary quiet” in Gaza had come to an end and added, "In the coming days only the strong hand of the IDF will bring the quiet back to the south. I call on the Israeli government to adopt a resolution - for every rocket fired towards southern Israel, Gaza will receive an hour of darkness.”

She was speaking after terrorists from the Islamic Jihad fired a barrage of 60 rockets from Gaza towards southern Israel. The group said the attack came in response to Israel’s killing of three Islamic Jihad terrorists in an airstrike on Tuesday.

The PA acquires 95% of its electricity in Judea and Samaria and 75% of its electricity in Gaza from Israel. The Israeli supply to the PA-assigned areas has continued despite the huge debt that the PA has acquired to the Israel Electric Corporation (IEC) and despite the fact that Gaza terrorists continues to carry out terror attacks aimed at Israeli forces and civilians alike.

The head of the IEC, Yiftah Ron-Tal, recently called on Israel to cut off the electricity supply to Gaza, citing the PA’s debt of close to 1.4 billion shekels.

Meanwhile on Wednesday, Deputy Education Minister Avi Wortzman, also of the Jewish Home party, arrived on Wednesday in the city of Sderot, whose residents have been coming under Gaza rocket fire for years.

"The State of Israel must deliver a clear message that the reality in which terrorist organizations are trying to hurt Israeli citizens and disrupt their lives will not pass without a harsh response,” he said.

Foreign Minister Avigdor Liberman said following Wednesday’s rocket onslaught that any Israeli response must include the retaking of Gaza.

"Following an attack like this - a barrage of more than 50 rockets - there is no alternative to a full reoccupation of the entire Gaza Strip," he said.