Life sentence: Murderer Eden Ohayon
Life sentence: Murderer Eden OhayonFlash 90

A young man has been sentenced to life in prison for the 2012 murder of Gadi Vichman.

Vichman, 36, of Be’er Sheva, was stabbed to death after asking a group of rowdy youths to quiet down so that his young daughter could sleep.

Eden Ohayon was convicted Sunday of premeditated murder, interfering with an investigation, and carrying a knife.

According to the conviction, late on the night of May 4, 2012, Ohayon and his friends were standing outside the apartment building in which Vichman and his family lived. The group was making a great deal of noise. When Vichman called down to the group to keep quiet so that his young children could sleep, Ohayon responded by cursing his wife.

Vichman then went downstairs to confront the youths face-to-face. His wife urged him to return home, and Ohayon’s friends urged Ohayon to leave the scene; nevertheless, a fight broke out between the two.

After a brief physical confrontation, Ohayon pulled out a knife and stabbed Vichman in the chest, then slashed sideways in an apparent effort to guarantee the blow would be fatal.

“The accused deliberately caused the death of the deceased, after deciding to kill him, and killed him in cold blood, with no altercation immediately prior to the act,” according to the indictment.

Justice Revital Yafe-Katz wrote, “The accused arrived at his encounter with the deceased prepared for combat, prepared to fight both mentally and in terms of weaponry. It should be noted that this was in contrast to the deceased.”

Ohayon was given a life sentence, to the consternation of his relatives, who began to yell and to curse Vichman’s widow.

Police faced criticism over their handling of the 2012 case. Vichman's widow, Michal, had called police on the evening in question to complain about the noise, but officers did not respond. In addition, an officer involved with the case was suspected of criminal violations pertaining to the case.