Binyamin Netanyahu at AIPAC 2014
Binyamin Netanyahu at AIPAC 2014Flash 90

AIPAC 2014 came to a close this week in the American capital of Washington D.C., and featured speeches by policy makers and world leaders.

Arutz Sheva's Hebrew "Weekly Edition" spoke with Managing Editor Ari Soffer, who reported from Washington on key highlights of the important pro-Israel event.

Over 14,000 attendees packed the record-sized AIPAC conference, which was set apart from other policy events by its diverse range of attendees, who hail from vastly differing religious and geographical backgrounds. 

Soffer noted that the "bipartisan, universal, pluralistic event" brought the multitudes together under one common denominator -- their support for the Jewish state.

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu's landmark speech drew "the moral divide between Israel on the one hand, and her enemies on the other hand - and framing the conflict not in terms of security, or territory, or other things, but in terms of Justice."

To illustrate this, Netanyahu noted that Israel administers humanitarian aid to countries well outside its diplomatic comfort zone - not only disaster victims in far-off places, e.g. Haiti, but also to refugees from Syria and wounded from Gaza.  By contrast, the Prime Minister noted, Iran arms terrorist groups around the world.

The prime minister concluded by emphasizing that the ongoing negotiations between Israel and the Palestinian Authority (PA) are "a challenge for the Palestinian Authority" to decide "which side of history" their people have chosen, framing the talks as a test of the PA. 

Soffer noted that the conference "demonstrates the strength and the unity of support for Israel in the US" and was "a heartening thing to see." 

"Support for Israel is not only as strong, but stronger than it has ever been here in the US," he concluded.