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Airplane (illustrative)Thinkstock

Some 20 Israelis who were making their way to India on Monday found themselves for a short time in Tehran.

Channel 2 News reported that the incident occurred when a Turkish Airlines flight, which made its way from Istanbul to Mumbai, was forced to make a temporary landing in Tehran when one of the passengers suffered a heart attack and required medical treatment on the ground.

After the patient, who was not an Israeli, was treated, the plane continued on its way to India.

Many Israelis choose to fly to India or Thailand with foreign airlines such as Turkish Airlines or Royal Jordanian Airlines, in order to save money on the flight, which is more expensive when flying with an Israeli airline.

The Israelis are warned before takeoff that such an unscheduled landing in Tehran or in another country in the region is a safety risk. This time, luckily, the drama ended without incident.