The world's first "smart gun" has been released in the US, going on sale in California this week. Developed by German company Armatix, the .22 caliber "iP1" seeks to revolution the weapons industry with unprecedented levels of security.

Featuring a design straight out of a spy movie, the pistol comes with a special watch, without which the gun cannot be fired. Only after the owner of the gun enters a password on the watch and holds the gun with the watch-hand is the safety mechanism released, meaning only the owner can use the gun.

When the code is entered, a light at the rear of the gun lights up green. Otherwise, the light shines red and the gun becomes harmless for all intents and purposes.

The revolutionary technology seeks to prevent gun violence whereby weapons might fall into the wrong hands, including weapon accidents as a result of children playing with guns.

At a steep $1,800 for the gun and watch package, the weapon is three times the price of a Glock 17, one of the most common pistols in the US.

Nevertheless, James Mitchell, owner of the Oak Tree Gun Club in California which is currently the only dealer of the gun, told International Business Times that the weapon can "revolutionize the gun industry."