Former Deputy Foreign Minister and Ambassador to the US Danny Ayalon has appeared in a new video entitled "The truth about the UN (United Nations)." In the video, Ayalon reveals the structural flaws that have turned the international body into a critic and enemy of the Jewish state.

In the clip, Ayalon notes that 85% of the resolutions passed by the UN in 2013 were against Israel, despite the atrocities being committed by numerous regimes such as Syria and North Korea, and despite Israel being the only stable democracy in the Middle East.

Ayalon argues that countries have joined the UN and pushed aside the charter calling for equal human rights in favor of political interests. Arab, Islamic and non-aligned nations have merged into a voting bloc with an automatic majority, and pursued a goal of discrediting the US and delegitimizing Israel, argues Ayalon.

The assessment offered by Ayalon comes from first hand experience, as he was the Director of the Bureau of Israel's Ambassador to the United Nations from 1993 to 1997.

The video - which was produced by Rogatka for The Truth About Israel, a non-profit company striving to educate the public - aims to "spread the truth that the UN has been transformed into a political arena by undemocratic states who trample on human rights, and UN resolutions must be treated accordingly."

Ayalon has in the past criticized the UN for donating to the Palestinian Authority (PA) "blindly," without acting to prevent its money from funding terrorism.