Henry Schwartz
Henry Schwartzערוץ 7

A group of academics and American politicians came together at week's end in Washington D.C., to discuss what they say is the greatest threat to US security: a nuclear Iran capable of obtaining an EMP, or Electromagnetic Pulse weapon.

Henry Schwartz, a prominent New York-based entrepreneur and founder of EMPact America, which organized the conference, spoke exclusively to Arutz Sheva and shared his thoughts on his group's effort to lobby for greater awareness of the threat of an EMP attack against the US.

Schwartz said that the despite having served in the military, the event - which was the culmination of five years of hard work and drew in such influential figures as the former Director of the CIA James Woolsey and Republican Senator and rising GOP star Ted Cruz - had made him feel that "for the first time in 80 years ...I am serving my country."

He explained that his efforts had required patience, and would need further resolve in order to build a "critical mass" of awareness - and he warned that time was of the essence.