Baby Adelle
Baby AdelleCourtesy: Biton family

Adelle Biton, the 3-year-old infant who was critically injured when an Arab terrorist threw a rock at her family's car and hit her directly in the head, is finally set to go home after an 8-month ordeal fighting for her life - but she still needs help to rebuild her life.

The attack occurred near the Samaria city of Ariel last March. After being in critical condition, the young girl miraculously managed to pull through her potentially fatal wounds, and has only been released from the hospital briefly and temporarily over the long months of recuperation.

The Biton family has spent most of the last 8 months by Adelle's hospital bedside, holding a party at the hospital for her third birthday while she was still unconscious last April.

Adelle will need her house to be wheelchair accessible and requires specialized furniture, given the lasting damage she still suffers from. She will also need intensive attention, meaning her parents will have to find professional assistance to make sure their three other daughters are properly cared for.

While the government will subsidize some of the expenses for home renovation and a caregiver, additional funds to the tune of $100,000 are still needed to complete the major changes and make sure the family will be able to rebuild their lives.

This coming Sunday, February 9, a fundraising drive will be held by the city of Raanana and the OneFamily organization which aids terror victims, with a goal of raising the needed funds for the Biton family.

The first event of the fundraising drive will be held at Raanana's Ohel Ari synagogue at 8:30 p.m., where Adelle's mother Adva will speak, along with the mayor of the city, Ze'ev Bielski.

Those interested in assisting should contact OneFamily volunteer Shoshana Baker: [email protected].