Israel Land Fund's Emek Zevulun Project
Israel Land Fund's Emek Zevulun ProjectIsrael Land Fund
Israel Land Fund (ILF), a non-profit organization fighting to redeem land in Israel for the Jewish people, is actively pursuing a project to expand Jewish investments in the sprawling tracts of farmland in Emek Zevulun, located in the western Galilee.

The area has been designated for re-zoning by the government, and plans to extend the trans-Israel Highway 6 through the valley are anticipated to turn the quiet farmland into a flourishing residential area with vibrant business development. Adding to these expectations are plans to route a new train from Haifa to Carmiel through the region.

ILF has been working ahead of the curve to encourage Jewish land ownership in the area before the new highway extension skyrockets prices. The organization is selling land plots in Emek Zevulun for $15,000-$20,000 per dunam (1/4 acre), with plot sizes ranging from 3-10 dunams. Those interested in investing can find information here.

The organization notes that some realtors have taken advantage of the "buzz" about the region, selling 1 dunam for $42,000 - far above the current going-rate.

In response, and to aid those who have already overpaid, ILF has initiated another program to increase the value of properties already purchased in the area. In the program, ILF helps new land owners plant olive groves, and connects them with Jewish farmers to work their land and split the harvest profits with them.

"In this way the investors will actually perform more mitzvot (Torah commandments) and recoup some of the money they overpaid to these realtors," said the organization in a statement, while clarifying its primary goal is to reclaim the land of Israel for the Jewish people.

Aryeh King, the founder and director of ILF, has also been active recently pursuing - sometimes controversially - those goals in his role as Jerusalem Councilman by encouraging Arab residents of Jerusalem to leave, working to outlaw the muezzin Muslim prayer calls in the middle of the night, and develop the eastern part of the capital to advance the Jewish presence while increasing security.

Photos show some Emek Zevulun properties that are still available for purchase, along with Jewish olive oil production from a recently redeemed property.