Hatzolah volunteers
Hatzolah volunteersEliran Baruch

A brutal assault occurred Tuesday night in New Jersey, as a hassidic-religious man was attacked by three African-American hoodlums while walking to the Sanz yeshiva where he studies.

The attack comes after a relatively quiet month in terms of the "knockout game" of random violence largely targeting Hareidi-religious neighborhoods in New York. One 20-year-old was arrested for assaulting seven men on different occasions, another for assaulting five Jewish women in separate attacks.

Yechiel Rozenberg, the yeshiva student who lives in Union City which is across the Hudson River from Manhattan, was attacked by the three black youths while walking in his neighborhood.

After setting upon Rozenberg and cruelly striking him in the head until he collapsed, the three then fled the scene. The street was deserted with no one to help him. Rozenberg managed to drag himself to the yeshiva, where 'Hatzolah' emergency response volunteers were called to treat him.

Medical volunteers transferred the man to the hospital after seeing the considerable damage inflicted to his head from the blows, and from falling to the pavement. At the hospital he was given stitches on his head.

Rozenberg spoke to the hassidic newspaper Hamevaser afterwards about the attack, saying "it was very cold and apparently for that reason no one was outside, a fact the attackers took advantage of."

"There is no doubt you can say I was saved through a true miracle," relayed Rozenberg. "They hit me with great cruelty and through the mercy of G-d I survived. I required medical treatment and this morning (Wednesday) I went to the doctor again. Thank G-d, aside from soreness I escaped through a real miracle."

The shocking attack has caused great concern in the neighborhood, one that has not been the target of such blatant anti-Semitic assaults in the past. Police who arrived on the scene checked security cameras on the street in hopes of tracking down the attackers.

The mayor of Union City, Brian Stack, reportedly called Rozenberg's home not long after the attack and promised the police would do everything in their power to capture the assailants, and will redouble their efforts to prevent a similar attack from reccurring in the neighborhood.

The violent attack came just a day after the International Holocaust Remembrance Day on Monday.

Speaking on the occasion before the Knesset, MK Eliezer Moses (United Torah Judaism) remarked "it is appalling to think that despite the horrific consequences of hate, today, anti-Semitism is again raising its head."