Hazardous materials worker in poisoning case
Hazardous materials worker in poisoning caseFlash 90

A mother and her two children arrived at a clinic in Jerusalem on Thursday, suffering from nausea and vomiting after their house was sprayed by the same exterminator that was arrested over the tragic poisoning of the Gross family Wednesday.

The three arrived at the emergency medical clinic 'Terem' that the Gross family were at earlier in the week, reporting identical symptoms. The Gross family's two 2 and 4-year-old daughters died from the poisoning, while their two 5 and 7-year-old sons remain in serious condition.

The mother and children were evacuated to the Shaare Tzedek Hospital in Jerusalem, where they will be under supervision.

Police investigators will ask them about the circumstances of their poisoning, to glean first-hand information about the pesticide spraying of their home.

It is currently being checked whether their home was sprayed with the same pesticide as the one that was used in the Gross's apartment, Phosphine, a powerful poison that is used in chemical weapons in Syria.

Commander Eli Basson of the fire brigade that arrived at the Gross's apartment in Givat Mordechai reported that the poison levels were of the highest levels.

The exterminator apparently left his poisonous materials in the apartment's enclosed security room, known by its Hebrew acronym, "mamad".

Jerusalem has had a tragic week, as on Sunday night a gas tank exploded in the southern neighborhood of Gilo, leaving a young couple and their infant son dead.