MK Ahmed Tibi commemorates Arafat
MK Ahmed Tibi commemorates ArafatIsrael news photo: Flash 90

Controversial Arab MK Ahmed Tibi misuses his position to work against the interests of the State of Israel, MK Moshe Feiglin told the Knesset Ethics Committee Thursday, as he filed a complaint against Tibi for his behavior last Monday, when he heckled visiting Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

During Harper's speech, Tibi shouted down the Canadian Prime Minister as he expressed his affection for Israel and the Jewish people, declaring that Israel was an "apartheid state." He then walked out of the plenum. That outburst was preceded by another one in which Tibi shouted down Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, who was addressing Harper.

Yesterday, the maverick Likud MK was ejected from the Knesset by Tibi, who was acting as Knesset speaker, after Feiglin accused him of "lying" and bringing dishonor to the Knesset. The irony of that episode - an Arab MK acting as Knesset Speaker and exercising his authority to eject a Jewish MK from the plenum - in light of his own accusations of "apartheid" by the Jewish state, was apparently lost on Tibi.

The '"lies" Feiglin referred were comments made by Tibi as he interrupted Prime Minister Netanyahu during the Canadian Prime Minister's Knesset visit. In an attempt to force home his point that Israel practices "apartheid", Tibi pointed to fellow Arab MK Taleb Abu Arar and told Harper that "there is no water or electricity in his village."

The Regavim movement, an NGO watchdog group for Jewish national property rights, later exposed Tibi’s lie when it uploaded video images of Abu Arar’s village and showed his home - which includes an air-conditioning unit, satellite TV dish, electric lines and an electric meter.

In his complaint, Feiglin said that Tibi had gone too far this time, using the visit of an international dignitary of the status of Harper to denigrate Israel.

"We cannot forget that for years Tibi was for years the personal advisor of arch-terrorist Yasser Arafat, the greatest murderer of Jews for the last 50 years,"Feiglin said. "We also all remember former MK Azmi Bishara, who worked with Israel's Hezbollah enemies to compromise the security of Israelis," with Tibi defending Bishara at every turn.

Tibi's outburst in the presence of Harper, when international media was covering the event, "was a missile aimed at delegitimizing Israel on the world stage," Feiglin said.

"I ask you, as those responsible for the ethical behavior of MKs, to make it clear that there are limits to the cynical use of this country's democratic institutions, especially of the Knesset, by the enemies of Israel," Feiglin added.