MK Zevulun Kalfa
MK Zevulun KalfaFlash 90

MK Zevulun Kalfa, who with his family was thrown out of his home in Gush Katif, remembers well the harrowing and difficult experience he and his family went through. There is not a day he does not think about what he lost, and that includes the day of Ariel Sharon's funeral, he said.

For most of his life, Ariel Sharon was one of the greatest proponents of Jewish settlement of the Land of Israel, the father of many communities,” said Kalfa. “With that, as a victim of his disengagement plan, thrown out of my home in Gush Katif along with thousands of others, I remember especially today, the day of his funeral, the suffering and shock the disengagement caused. We are still trying to overcome that suffering and shock,” he said.

How ironic that on the day we accompany Sharon, architect of the disengagement from Gaza, to his final resting place, that security officials must heavily deploy in order to protect his funeral from the rockets fired by Gaza Arab terrorists, who are running Gaza as a result of his terrible plan,” Kalfa said.

Security for the funeral was among the tightest for any in Israel's history. Hundreds of soldiers and police were on hand, and helicopters, light planes, and drones flew above the funeral procession as it works its way south from Jerusalem to Sharon's Negev ranch. The unprecedented security, said MK Moti Yogev (Jewish Home) on Monday, just how much of a mistake the 2005 disengagement was. “The drones, the Iron Dome, the planes, the soldiers – all the security – would not be necessary if Israel was still in control of Gaza, instead of Hamas.”