Dr. Joe Frager
Dr. Joe FragerCourtesy of Dr. Frager

According to former Prime Minister of Israel, Ehud Olmert, Israel has already spent ten billion dollars on developing ways to either delay or completely neutralize the Iranian nuclear threat.

Israel's military knows no bounds. When the very survival of the Land of Israel is at stake, Israel will not hesitate to surprise American policymakers and military experts.

The last time this happened was not 1967, or 1976's Entebbe. It was September 6, 2007, when Israel destroyed the Syrian plutonium reactor at Al Kibar. American military experts had thought this was improbable, and some said – impossible.

In September, 2012, the Center for Strategic and International Studies reported that "Israel does not have the capability to carry out preventive strikes that could do more than delay Iran's efforts for a year or two.” Former CIA Director Michael Hayden was even more pessimistic, saying that airstrikes capable of seriously hurting Iran's nuclear program are beyond Israel's capacity.

Nothing is beyond Israel's capacity. That has been the lesson of Israel's existence since its inception. Also, no surprise is out of Israel's reach, nor should it be. Yes, having bunker buster bombs would make it easier to guarantee total destruction of some of Iran's highly fortified nuclear reactors buried deep in the mountains.

As Israel gets pushed further and further against the wall by an out-of-touch and severely naive Obama administration, the chances of a 2014 Surprise grows by the day.

The deal that the Obama Administration worked out is unraveling, and the harder Secretary of State Kerry presses Israel to make an agreement with Mahmoud Abbas, the more likely it becomes that Israel will strike Iran.

What the Secretary of State fails to realize is that Israel lives in a pressure cooker. Pressure applied in all directions will only cause the pressure cooker to let out its steam. Iran is the direction the steam will travel.