Jews in Kusra
Jews in KusraZakaria, Doctors for Human Rights

Dani Dayan, the chief foreign envoy for the Yesha Council – an influential leadership forum of the settlement enterprise – expressed his opinion Wednesday regarding the incident in which a group of Jews was seized and almost lynched by residents of the Arab village Kusra in the Binyamin region.

"I am tired of the fools who think the Land of Israel can be gained through the use of clubs, matchboxes and provocations,” he wrote. “I am tired of the masked Jewish bullies who hurt soldiers, policemen and innocent Arabs. I am tired of irresponsible cads who do bad and stupid things.”

"The IDF is not the one that should issue distancing orders against these people. We are the ones who should distance them from our congregations, our communities, our midst,” he stressed.

"Many hours have passed since the event,” he added: “I have waited to see who will be the first one among the Jewish residents of Judea and Samaria – a Knesset Member, a Council Head, a mayor – to speak out againt the provocateurs who almost caused a tragedy with their arrogance and brutal behavior. But there was only silence. Too bad.

"There was no miracle here,” Dayan summed up. “They say that it was a miracle that a tragedy was averted. If there really was a miracle, then G-d had two accomplices in bringing it about. And the two accomplices – how ironic! – are the ones that these same bullies like to curse and hate.

The first partner, according to Dayan – consisted of the officers and soldiers who serve under Major-General Nitzan Alon in Samaria, “who extricated the defeated and terrified bullies from the village's interior. And the second partner – yes, it turns out that some good Arabs are not dead Arabs... The village's bullies were faced courageously by a group of good Arabs – good human beings – who prevented further injury to Jews. Who will thank them properly?”