Wadi Ara village (illustrative)
Wadi Ara village (illustrative)Israel news photo: Flash 90

A young Arab woman from northern Israel who studies in the Shenkar College of design, has received death threats from Muslims because of a dress she designed, reported Nana10. The dress features verses from the Quran.

A picture of a model wearing the dress was upladed to Shenkar's Facebook page with the title – “Cat on a hot tin roof, the Arab Spring version.”

Young Arabs who identified themselves as members of the northern branch of the Islamic movement were infuriated by the dress and demanded an apology for what they said was an insult to their holy book. The designer's family said that they had no intention of insulting the Quran or the feelings of Muslims, and that the work was simply a project carried out as part of the designer's studies.

The picture was removed from the college's Facebook page.

Shenkar College said in response: “Shenkar supports full academic and artistic freedom and denounces all forms of violence and intolerance. The photo was removed from the college's Facebook page at the request of the student and her family, after she received death threats. The matter is now in the hands of the police.”