Abbas embraces freed terrorist
Abbas embraces freed terroristIsrael news photo: Flash 90

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu slammed the Palestinian Authority on Tuesday following the PA’s celebration late Monday night over Israel’s release of convicted terrorists.

“The essential difference between us and our neighbors can be seen in a single picture,” Netanyahu said. “While we are willing to take extremely painful steps with the goal of reaching an agreement that will put an end to the conflict, they, along with their most senior leaders, are celebrating.”

The PA’s celebration sends a terrible message, he continued. “Murderers are not heroes. This is not how you educate people to peace. This is not how you make peace,” he warned.

“Peace can exist only when the education to incitement and to destruction of Israel is stopped,” he declared.

“Peace will come only when our interests are protected, regarding defense at settlements,” he continued. “Peace will only happen if we can defend ourselves, by ourselves, against any threat.”

PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas was among those to celebrate the release of terrorist prisoners on Monday night. Abbas declared the occasion “a day of joy to your people, our families, and our hero prisoners who have achieved freedom.”

Among the terrorists given a warm welcome were many convicted of murder, including one who burned a woman and her child to death in a firebomb attack.

Terrorists released in previous Israeli “gestures” have stated that they do not regret their actions, and that life in Israeli jail was easy. The terrorists receive generous cash stipends from the PA while in prison, and are given guaranteed work upon their release.