Arabs riot on 'Nakba Day'
Arabs riot on 'Nakba Day'Flash 90

A report compiled by security sources in the Palestinian Authority indicates a high chance for an “intifada” terror war in 2014. The PA report was published by Kol Yisrael (Voice of Israel) radio.

The authors of the report suggested that the PA crack down on expected protests and riots in order to avoid letting rioters set the tone.

The report argued that the PA faces several difficulties in attempting to stop “lone wolf” terrorist attacks by Palestinian Arabs.

United States Secretary of State John Kerry has used threats of a "third Intifada" to pressure Israeli leaders to accept America's proposals regarding an Israel-PA diplomatic deal.

Sources in the IDF have argued that the recent spike in terrorist attacks is an “ongoing wave of terrorism” rather than the start of a third “Intifada.” Victims of terrorism and government ministers are among those who have expressed skepticism, and have warned that the “unplanned” attacks seen in recent weeks are reminiscent of the beginnings of the first and second “Intifada” terror wars.

Head of the Political-Security Division in the Defense Ministry Amos Gilad reiterated the denial of an impending “intifada.” Speaking to Kol Yisrael, Gilad said Israel’s defense establishment has not seen signs of the type of organized terrorism that characterized the second Intifada (known by some as the Oslo War).

The Palestinians have no interest in initiating an intifada at the current time, he argued. However, he said, the defense establishment has increased its efforts to prevent actions that could encourage terrorism.

Gilad also reacted to the recent rocket attacks from Gaza. Hamas rules Gaza and is capable of imposing its orders on terrorist groups there, he said, making it responsible for any attacks on Israel.

“If it doesn’t restrain the more extreme terrorist groups and impose quiet in Gaza, the consequences for it will be severe,” he warned.