Passport photos (illustrative)
Passport photos (illustrative)Flash 90

A report in a Kuwaiti newspaper Thursday said that Hezbollah terrorists are traveling the world freely, seeking opportunities to carry out terror attacks against Israelis and Jews – using passports issued in Australia, Canada, and a variety of European countries.

Quoting a Western intelligence source, the report said that Hezbollah has already used these passports to try and carry out terror attacks in places like Azerbaijan, Jordan, Egypt, Cyprus, and Greece. The attacks came as Hezbollah sought revenge on Israel for the elimination of top terrorist Imad Mughniya in 2008. The attempted attack in Azerbaijan, for example, came just months after Mughniya's elimination, the report said.

The source said that Hezbollah has also attempted to carry out attacks in places like Berlin, Paris, and Amsterdam, and even “abroad,” which the report took to mean North or South America. In many of these cases, the attack is assigned to Lebanese dual citizens residing in the many European countries that allow dual citizenship.

Last June, the European Union classified Hezbollah as a terror organization. At the time, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu praised the decision. We spent years in efforts to explain to EU countries that Hezbollah was a terrorist group working for Iran,” Netanyahu said. “This is a terror group that attacks innocent people around the world. As far as we are concerned, there is no difference between Hezbollah’s 'military wing' and any other wing,” the Prime Minister said, adding that he hoped that the decision would “lead to more practical steps that can be taken against Hezbollah.”