Illustration: Iron Dome anti-missile system
Illustration: Iron Dome anti-missile systemIDF Spokesman

Terrorism from Gaza could mean higher grocery prices for Israelis, farmers from the Gaza belt area warned Thursday morning, speaking to Maariv/nrg.

Farmers near Gaza were told Tuesday to stay out of fields near the Gaza security barrier. The warning followed a fatal terrorist shooting in the area.

Terrorists have targeted agricultural workers in fields near Gaza in the past.

Farmers argued that the fields in question – those located within one kilometer of Gaza – are used for some of their most valuable crops. The vegetables grown there need to be watered and cared for very soon, they said, or farms will suffer heavy losses.

Among the crops that could be affected are “David Moshe” brand potatoes, which are currently in high demand in Europe, agricultural director Nimrod Peled told Maariv. If the ban on entering fields near Gaza continues for even two more days, exports will be affected, he warned.

Farmers called on the defense establishment to do everything in its power to allow farmers to access their fields.

The price of vegetables has already risen once in the past month. The heavy snow that hit Israel two weeks ago damaged crops, causing a price hike for certain types of produce. Tomatoes, carrots, bell pepper and avocados were all affected.