Infiltrators on the march again.
Infiltrators on the march again.Flash 90

Infiltrators to Israel continued to make a mockery of authorities Thursday, as a group of about 100 illegal immigrants from Eritrea and Sudan walked out of the open detention facility constructed for them in the Negev, and began walking toward Be'er Sheva.

Inspectors from the Immigrations Authority, aided by police, began chasing after the Africans, and putting them on buses that are presumably to take them back to the facility. About half of the immigrants had been caught by the afternoon hours, and the others continued to advance toward Be'er Sheva.

The infiltrators are organized and incited by leftists from groups that receive assistance from the New Israel Fund. Over the years, the activists have organized protests and marches, and entire sophisticated media campaigns that presented the immigrations authority as a racist organization that seeks to expel the children born to the infiltrators in Israel.

The infiltrators are presented by leftists as “refugees” and “asylum seekers,” although the vast majority of them are in Israel in order to work and send money to their families in Africa.

About 250 inmates marched to Jerusalem Monday in protest of new laws cracking down on illegal immigration, carrying signs and protesting alleged human rights violations. Instead of going back to the detainment facility they left illegally, they were joined by even more infiltrators on Tuesday. 

The video embedded below documents a march of infiltrators through Tel Aviv that was organized by the leftist groups in 2010. Children who took part in the march chanted slogans comparing the infiltrators' plight to the Holocaust. The open detention camp in which the infiltrators are held is referred to by leftists as a “concentration camp.”