The Gush Etzion Regional Council has decided to capitalize on the snow still piling up there, offering visitors to the region a new kind of experience: "Snow Tourism." 

"After the storm, the snowstorm, this is a very nice, beautiful area," said Davidi Perl, director of the council. "We invite all of you to come and see and experience our tourist sites." 

The tours include rides on unique vehicles adapted to the snowy conditions, accommodations, meals with regional foods and wines, and other attractions. The Gavna rgourmet dairy estaurant is also offering chocolate-covered cherries and Irish creme; the Sdeh Bar winery near Herodion will also be offering free wine and cheese tastings to attract more tourism in the region. 

One family noted in the video above that they came all the way from Netanya to have their children see the snow. Netanya, like other cities along Israel's western coastline, saw heavy rains instead of snow during the storm. As a result finding snow has become an attraction for families who felt that they have missed out; Israeli have been flocking all over the country to see the last remnants of snow - not only to the Gush, but also to other areas like Samaria. 

Gad Kahane, CEO of the Gush Etzion Tourism Association, stated that due to the high elevation of the Gush Etzion area, the snow that is expected to remain for several more days.

"We had a very large amount of snow and have decided to share this beauty with the public," he stated. "Conditions are good for travel in particular, tours are held throughout the area, and restaurants and attractions are offering gifts and special discounts. All [of this is] to allow for the optimal snow experience."

Snowy plains of Gush Etzion Gershon Ellinson