Al Qassam, Hamas's military wing
Al Qassam, Hamas's military wingFlash 90

Al Qassam Brigades, Hamas's military arm, celebrated 26 years since its founding by publishing the statistical figures on its terror attacks against Israel.

According to the organization's figures, Al Qassam claims to have lost 1,962 terrorists in the time period, and to have killed 915 IDF soldiers.

The figures detail the terrorist organization's attacks.

They list 87 suicide bombings, the most deadly being the 2002 massacre at Netanya's Park Hotel that killed 30; additionally the group boasts of 24 hijacking attacks, 444 shootings, 82 raids, 611 explosive attacks, 188 sniper attacks, and 254 ambushes.

Furthermore, Al Qassam announces it fired over 10,000 mortar shells and rockets at Israeli towns and cities, including Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. In July Hamas started testing locally-made long range M75 missiles.

The latest announcements come after Hamas threatened Israel with genocide in November, only a few days after claiming it was ready for the next battle against the IDF.