Bedouin 'Day of Rage'
Bedouin 'Day of Rage'Flash 90

The Lebanon-based Hezbollah terror group has slammed Israel’s "Prawer-Begin Plan" to organize Bedouin residence in the Negev, where many illegal Bedouin settlements have sprung up on state land.

In a statement the organization released on Monday, it said the plan was “racist” and another chapter in the Israeli plans to “Judaize the Negev”. This plan, claimed Hezbollah, is intended to expel “the Palestinians from their land”.

In addition, Hezbollah condemned the "violent measures taken by Israel against the Palestinian demonstrators protesting the plan," referring to the Arab protests as part of a “Day of Rage” held on Saturday, during which the protesters threw stones at police forces that arrived at the area.

Hezbollah also expressed surprise at the indifference shown by the international community in light of the Israeli “crimes”.

The Prawer-Begin bill, which has generated much friction from Arab MKs, will give Negev Bedouin 180,000 dunams (45,000 acres) of state land for free, to set up farming or urban communities, as well as granting them "compensation" for the state land many Bedouin are currently squatting on.

Arabs and leftists oppose the bill as it would move 30,000-40,000 Bedouins from their illegal outposts and villages, and demolish 40 illegal settlements.

The plan is also opposed by nationalist MKs, who see it as giving the Bedouin a reward for their land grab and offering them far-reaching concessions.