Gen. Mickey Edelstein (File)
Gen. Mickey Edelstein (File)Flash90

Brigadier General Mickey Edelstein, head of the IDF's Gaza Division, admitted to Channel 10 to a certain degree of cooperation between the IDF and Hamas.

"Hamas is in trouble and now it finds itself isolated," said Edelstein, in conversation with the Gaza residents released Monday on the television network.

He stressed that "Leaders of Hamas, both the political and military branches, do everything to maintain restraint." He also claimed that "Hamas soldiers have been prevented from shooting at or mounting charges at the IDF." 

"Hamas neutralizes any terrorist attacks against Israel", said the commander of the Gaza Division, "Hamas has become Gaza's cop, but this does not guarantee it will continue to work over time."

Edelstein also stated that there is a section of about 100 yards of "no man's land" where the IDF launches its operations, and that the IDF routinely tells Hamas where it is hitting next and requests them to keep the area quiet. Edelstein reports that Hamas complies with those requests. 

Edelstein still emphasized, however, that Hamas is a terror organization. "Under the surface, Hamas is still preparing for the next conflict with Israel," he concluded. 

Hamas has been facing severe economic shortages since Egypt's pro-Hamas Muslim Brotherhood government toppled earlier this year.

The result may have temporarily led to practical cooperation with Israel on some levels - including buying electricity from Israel via the Palestinian Authority and Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh sending his granddaughter to Israel for medical care.

Despite this, Hamas continues to launch threats against Israel in public, including recent calls for genocide against Israel.