(illustrative) al Qaeda demonstration
(illustrative) al Qaeda demonstrationAFP/File

Majlis Shura al-Mujahideen Aknaf Bayt Al-Makdas, or Holy Warriors' Assembly in the Jerusalem Region, which is identified with Al Qaeda, has announced that it has infiltrated Judea and Samaria as part of its war against “the Jews,” Christians, infidels and the Palestinian Authority.

The group said in a published statement that the three men eliminated Tuesday by the IDF near Hevron – Muhammad Nayruh, Mahmoud Al-Najar and Muhammad Pansha, had belonged to the organization and were killed “in an ambush by the Jewish infidels who received information from the agents of the Palestinian Authority.”

The organization further explained:

"We are not fighting for a piece of land, or for borders determined by the cross (the western nations), on which it placed the dogs (the Jews) as guards; we are fighting so that the word of Allah shall be supreme and the word of tyranny be brought down to the lowest level.”

"The jihad is in force until the Judgement Day...the jihad against the tyrants of the Palestinian Authority is legitimate, because they agreed with the infidels of the world, including the Jews, the Christians and others, to make war aon the jihad and turn in the mujahedeen to the enemies.”

"The path of the salafist jihad has reached the [West] Bank... the path of the global jihad has made its home on the [West] Bank... We stand before an open war against the Muslims of the [West] Bank... killing, imprisonment, land expropriation, demolition of homes, defiling of the holy places and more... Onward, sons of Islam, on the land of the [West] Bank... rise up and fight the enemies of religion, including the infidel Jews, the hypocritical agents and those who are loyal to them...”

"They must learn, that the salafist jihad brings with it people who love death as you love life and power and control, and they seek to die a death of sacrifice in the path of Allah, just as you seek the passions and the salaries and the ranks...”

The Majlis Shura al-Mujahideen has branches in Gaza and the Sinai Peninsula, and the terror attacks it has launched against Israel were carried out from those areas. These included rocket attacks and sending trained terror cells to carry out terror attacks inside Israel. Citizens of Arab countries took part in some of these attacks.