Hamas 25th anniversary celebration, 2012
Hamas 25th anniversary celebration, 2012Flash90

2 weeks after Hamas marked the 1-year anniversary of "Operation Pillar of Defense," the terrorist regime in Gaza has been forced to cancel its 26th anniversary celebrations, Channel 10 reports. 

"The smart thing for us to do right now is to cancel the festivities and spend the money on other projects to alleviate the suffering of the residents. we do not have the money for it now," said Ashraf Abu Zaid.

According to the report, the terror organization encountered budgetary difficulties due to restrictions imposed by Egypt's siege on the rogue territory, as well as Israel repeatedly destroying its arms and supplies smuggling tunnels. 

Egypt has destroyed a number of supplies and terrorist tunnels leading to the Rafah border crossing since the Hamas-friendly Muslim Brotherhood government toppled this past summer. As a result, Hamas has been forced to buy electricity from Israel as well as accept UN aid after their power plant ran out of fuel.  

Just two weeks ago Hamas commemorated "Operation Pillar of Defense" with grand military parades and fanfare. Zaid insists that these parades will still continue in the future - just "modestly."