CanadaIsrael news photo: file

David Koshitsky, Chairman of the Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs (CIJA) in Canada, has cast serious doubts regarding Iran's intentions to meet their end of the agreement on the temporary cessation of the nuclear program, according to a report in Shalom Toronto

"Everyone has seen, firsthand, how the Iranian regime managed to skillfully escape, blur, cheat and challenge the position of the international community," writes Koshitsky.

"There is no reason to believe that Iran will deviate from this strategy when it failed to obtain concessions from the international community without being required to pay a substantial price regarding its nuclear program." 

Koshitsky noted that the only consolation in the agreement is the fact it is a significant improvement on its first draft, thanks in part to the efforts of the Israeli government. Now, Koshitsky stated, the CIJA should focus on efforts to ensure and verify that Tehran keeps its end of the interim agreement - and to work tirelessly toward a permanent arrangement to prevent the Islamic Republic from obtaining nuclear weapons. 

To do so, CIJA intends to storm the Canadian government with letters and PR campaigns, to speed up the process toward achieving an international consensus for a permanent agreement on the Iran issue. CIJA also intends to provide educational materials to politicians, the media and the general public to spread the word about the importance of preventing a nuclear Iran. 

Canada, more than other Western countries, has approached this weekend's Iran deal with profound skepticism. On Monday, Canadian Foreign Minister John Baird declared that Canadian sanctions would not be lifted unless and until the Regime shows verifiable proof that they have frozen their nuclear weapons program.