Violence outside Al Aqsa mosque`
Violence outside Al Aqsa mosque`Israel news photo: Flash 90

A Palestinian Authority Arab sheikh on Friday blasted the Palestinian Authority for being “too soft” towards Israel, and presented what he said was the “only solution” for the Jewish people.

The sheikh, Omar Abu Sara’a, made the remarks in a sermon he gave at the Al-Aqsa mosque during which he blasted the “traitor” Palestinian Authority.

He argued that the Oslo Accords did not bring about any results, and that in fact it is now recognized that they were nothing but a mistake that led to "the sale of land to Jews". He stressed that “Palestine” is holy Islamic land and should not be given up under any circumstances.

The solution, said Abu Sara’a, is in the words of the prophet of Islam Muhammad, who said, "Fight them" and did not say that Jews should be negotiated with. In this context he mentioned the tradition quoted by the prophet Muhammad, where a tree and a stone call a Muslim and tell him, “A Jew is hiding behind me, come and kill him."

“For Jews, we do not have but the sword and by extension we need to hold an all-out war against them and not talk with them," declared Abu Sara’a.

He called the leaders of the Palestinian Authority “traitors” because they gave up three quarters of “Palestine” to the Jews and are holding negotiations in which they are willing to make concessions on lands on which Muhammad ascended to heaven.

He also accused the Palestinian Authority of political, economic and ethical corruption and argued that the PA will be holding a wine festival near Ramallah which will feature an Israeli band and “Jewish harlots” who will morally corrupt young PA Arabs.

Abu Sara’a also claimed that women's organizations which operate within the PA are connected to international intelligence agencies as well as to the Israeli Mossad, and that they are designed to “dismantle the Palestinian society from within” by working to free women from the prohibitions that apply to them under Islamic law and tradition.

He warned his audience that these groups would also eliminate the authority of the father over his daughter in determining the identity of her husband, will deny the husband the authority to divorce his wife, give the woman permission to leave the house without her husband and establish equality between women and men. The desired solution to this situation, said Abu Sara’a, is the establishment of an Islamic caliphate and implementing Islamic law.