Monique Ofer in hospital following attack
Monique Ofer in hospital following attackFlash 90

Monique Ofer, widow of murdered IDF res. Colonel Sraya Ofer, stated in an interview with IDF Radio Tuesday that she believes that the murderers are getting "spoiled" by being allowed to remain in relatively comfortable conditions, sheltered and with 3 meals a day, in the Israeli prison system. 

In the interview, Ofer also stated that she is not surprised that the murderers expressed no remorse at Monday's court proceedings. "They are animals, they are scum, they are not human," she said. "Why would they regret it? Only animals would be able to commit such cruel acts against a human being." 

Ofer rejected their claims that they were originally coming to steal from the Ofers' Jordan Valley home. "Not a toothpick was stolen from our home. They [the murderers] came two weeks ago to the house and wanted to do it then, but were caught and thus returned two weeks later to finish things." 

"I didn't see them attempting to steal anything," she continued. "What I did see was them killing my husband with axes and hammers. I never saw them take anything from our home or from my husband - they just came to kill a Jew, a former Senior Officer in the IDF. They came to murder." 

Bashir Harob, 21, from the Arab settlement of Deir Samt near Hevron, is the main defendant in the res. Colonel's murder. With an extension of his incarceration in the military court near Meggido, he took the court back to the night of the murder.

"We approached his house; his dog barked. When we encountered him, we pulled him out of his house and began to fight," Harob stated. "We came to steal, but the going got tough. In the end we just killed him with an axe." 

Harob's statements directly contradict what he said during the initial stages of the investigation, where he declared that he murdered Ofer "as a gift to the Palestinian people" in honor of the Muslim holiday of Eid el-Adha. 

Ofer emphasized that she will continue living in her Jordan Valley home, in honor of her husband's sacrifice. "What did Sraya want? To settle the land and fill it with Jewish light," she concluded. "He wanted what every man thirsts for - to settle the land for the Jewish people."