Syrian soldiers (illustrative)
Syrian soldiers (illustrative)AFP photo

Burak Kran, a former player on the German national soccer team, has been killed in Syria after joining the Syrian rebel forces, German and Turkish media sources report. He fought alongside the Mujahideen group. 

At 26, Kran left the world of soccer to convert to Islam. He moved with his wife and young children to Turkey, eventually crossing the border to join Sunni rebel forces in the Syrian civil war. German media reports say he was killed in Aiazaz, near Aleppo. 

A few months ago, another German citizen was killed in the ongoing and bloody conflict, rapper Deso Dogg. Known originally as Denis Mamadou Gerhard Cuspert, he converted to Islam in 2010, as released a public video. He also said he was dropping his earlier name Deso Dogg in favor of the Islamic name Abou Maleeq; later he also became to be known as Abu Talha al-Almani (The German Abu Talha).

Der Spiegel notes that tens of German citizens have joined the rebel forces, in the latest news of hundreds of foreign Muslims rushing to Syrial to join in the Sunni-Shiite battle. 

Footage documenting the involvement of Desso in the conflict is below.