Limor Har Melech's new son
Limor Har Melech's new sonCourtesy

A woman who lost her husband in a terror attack in 2003 and remarried had her newborn baby’s brit milah (circumcision) ceremony on the ruins of the northern Shomron community of Homesh.

Limor Har Melech-Son lost her husband Shuli in a terror attack in August of 2003. The terror attack took place as the couple was driving along the Alon Highway in the Jordan Valley. The couple’s car was attacked by several Arab terrorists. Shuli was killed and Limor, who was pregnant at the time, was wounded and taken to the hospital where she gave birth to a daughter.

Shuli and Limor moved to Homesh a few months after their wedding, and were among the first to settle the community which was abandoned in those days.

In 2005, as part of the “Disengagement plan”, Homesh was evicted and, just recently, Israel allowed Arabs to move into the ruins of the community, coincidentally on Shuli’s birthday.

Limor played an active role in the Homesh First movement - a movement aimed at gradually undoing the Disengagement by resettling northern Samaria and Gaza, beginning with Homesh.

On Friday, the brit milah of Limor’s new son was held on the ruins of Homesh. The newborn’s name is Avraham.

One of the participants in the ceremony told Arutz Sheva that there great joy was felt during the brit ceremony.

“We are strengthened by the widow who did not give up on Shuli’s way, got remarried and never forgot the abandoned Homesh.”

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