A unit of al-Quds, the military branch of Islamic Jihad, paraded through Gaza in a display of "Gaza Division" forces. Trucks with men armed with light weaponry, anti-tank missiles, and heavy machine guns drove through the streets Wednesday to show the need for a military takeover of Israel. 

A statement released by Islamic Jihad stated that Operation Pillar of Defense last year attested to a huge gap in the balance of power between Hamas forces versus Israel, who has US support (which they call "the source of evil.")

The terror organization emphasized the need to continue fighting against "the history, geography, beliefs, culture, and strategies" of the two world powers, and that "there is no room to meet with them other than on the battlefield." 

Islamic Jihad maintained that the balance of power remains with the so-called "occupation," which has Western support. Islamic Jihad promised not to withdraw and reiterated that its main purpose is to be a driving force in expelling the "invaders." 

The remarks come after a senior Hamas official declared on Thursday that his group intends to stick to its mission - “liberating” all of “Palestine” (meaning all of Israel).