It was a classic case of American honesty.

 A Connecticut rabbi and his wife bought an antique desk earlier this week, for the meager price of $200. 

"The desk wouldn't fit through the front door by a fraction of an inch," Muroff said. They were forced to take the desk apart piece by piece.  

Upon dismantling it, they found another unexpected surprise: a heavy bag lodged behind a drawer - a bag with thousands upon thousands of dollars in cash. 

$98,000 worth, to be exact. 

"Right away, my wife and I kind of looked at each other and said, 'we can't keep this money'."

As various American news media outlets reported, Rabbi Noah Muroff and his wife immediately contacted the original owner to return the money. The owner thanked them and explained that she had hidden her inheritance money  - and had forgotten, over several years, where she had put it. 

When interviewed by the media, the Rabbi stressed the importance of honesty. 

The story has made headlines all over the US, with the rabbi being touted as an excellent example of moral integrity.