Gaza protest (archive)
Gaza protest (archive)Flash 90

The tension in Gaza continues to build in the build up to November 11, the date for which the Tamarod or "Rebellion" movement has declared widespread demonstrations against the Hamas government in protest of its policies.

On the "Rebellion" movement's Facebook page the "Free Officers in Gaza" movement posted its first announcement, in which they warn the Hamas government about its attempts to suppress the popular demonstrations by force, demonstrations which according to the announcement are the legitimate right preserved for every nation.

The name chosen by the Free Officers in Gaza appears to be an allusion to the Free Officers' Movement of Egypt, which instigated the 1952 revolution that forced the unpopular King Farouk to abdicate as Egypt's leader in favor of General Gamal Abdel Nasser.

The warning by the group is likely a response to recent reports that Hamas had ordered its security forces to use lethal force against opposition protesters.

The "Free Officers" note that they decided to organize themselves following the "hatred" demonstrated by Hamas officials towards the Palestinian Arab residents of Gaza, and the "narrow partisan approach" which adopted by the Islamist group, and further to announce that they will not cooperate with what they termed "acts of oppression" which Hamas has planned to counter the social protests striving for change, reform and the residents' rights as citizens.

The announcement further calls on officers in the Hamas security forces to join the "Free Officers" movement and "to stand at the Palestinian peoples' side against the external agenda that has led to destruction and death among the Palestinians."