Overturned bus in Gush Etzion
Overturned bus in Gush EtzionIsrael news photo: Uriel Weiss

Dozens of people were injured when a bus flipped on its side Sunday in the Gush Etzion region, south of Jerusalem.

The bus was traveling the 160 line.

One person was moderately injured in the incident, and another 27 suffered light injuries. Paramedics evacuated 15 injured people to hospitals in Jerusalem.

The rest of those injured in the crash decided they did not require further medical attention, and turned down paramedics’ offer of a ride to the hospital.

The moderately injured person was identified as the driver of the vehicle. It is not yet clear what caused the bus to overturn.

In August, four people were killed in a crash between a bus and a truck on Highway 6.

On Saturday evening, two people were moderately hurt in a pile-up on Route 1 involving more than 20 vehicles.